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Wendy Smulski set up The Chic Wedding Company having helped friends and family organise their weddings. As a busy professional, Wendy understood the problems associated with organising her own wedding while working long hours and juggling a busy home and hectic social life. Something had to give.

"I am here to soak up the stress." said Wendy. "I am passionate about weddings. They are such an important part of people's lives and we love making them extra special."

Wendy has organised weddings throughout the North East of England, North Yorkshire and abroad at some incredible venues.

She is fully trained by the UKAWP and has a contact list other wedding planners would die for.

Wendy's communication and organisational skills are legendary. Her attention to detail borders on the obsessive - always a great trait for a professional wedding planner. Nothing is overlooked - ever!

However, it's Wendy's friendly nature that wins out. Having a highly organised and experienced wedding planner on your side is great, but one that becomes your friend is priceless.

"I knew we would get on from the moment we met." said Joanne. "It was like having a fairy Godmother looking after me."

Why not give Wendy a call to see how she can help.

We do everything, so you don't have to worry.

Been busy, busy, busy of late

.... here at The Chic Wedding Company HQ!


A piece of very good advice....

Such good advice and which we at The Chic Wedding Company wholeheartedly agree with ...... it happens more than you think. Take care, it's a mine field out there! xx

"Please be careful when booking someone for your special day x lots of brides are getting scammed by these horrible fake companies who are either not turning up or doing a terrible job and not providing the things they had paid for xxx we have just had another bride come to us who has been let down by a certain company that is well know. On here so just remember guys that if something sounds too cheap or too good to be true it probably is xxxx"


Ssshh!! Want to know a secret?

Ssshhh!  Want to know a secret?


Great advice me thinks!

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