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We are already excited and can’t wait to help to transform your dream wedding into reality. So why not read a little about us and what we do…

Wendy Smulski set up The Chic Wedding Company having helped friends and family organise their weddings. As a busy professional, Wendy understood the problems associated with organising her own wedding while working long hours and juggling a busy home and hectic social life. Something had to give….

“I am here to soak up the stress.” says Wendy. “I am passionate about weddings. They are such an important part of people’s lives and we love making them extra special.”

Wendy has organised weddings throughout the North East of England, North Yorkshire and abroad at some incredible venues.

She is fully trained by the UKAWP and has a contact list other wedding planners would die for.

Wendy’s communication and organisational skills are legendary. Her attention to detail borders on the obsessive – always a great trait for a professional wedding planner. Nothing is overlooked – ever!

However, it’s Wendy’s friendly nature that wins out. Having a highly organised and experienced wedding planner on your side is great, but one that becomes your friend is priceless.

“I knew we would get on from the moment we met.” said Joanne. “It was like having a fairy Godmother looking after me.”

So, why not give Wendy a call to see how she can help. "We do everything, so you don’t have to worry."

Keep an eye on The Chic Wedding Company blog for more posts in the series, for example… “What we do”! x
Venue Co-Ordinators are NOT Wedding Planners!

A very experienced Wedding Planner, the lovely Caroline Gould posted this on her blog, a while ago now, but, it's still very relevant now, and never a truer word was said..... There are many couples who have found this out the hard way, so please take a few moments to read it and hopefully you will save yourselves a lot of upset, heartache and disappointment on your special day.

If you would like to hear more or want a little advice on choosing between a Venue Wedding Co-ordinator or an independent Wedding Planner, then don't hesitate in contacting Wendy at The Chic Wedding Company who would love to help you out. xx…/venue-co-ordi…/ from March 21 2014 Venue Co-ordinators are NOT Wedding Planners!

Venue Co-ordinators are NOT Wedding Planners!

Regular readers will know that before setting up my wedding planning business I worked as a Wedding Co-ordinator at a venue. So the opinions in this post come from my experience in both roles.

Don’t get me wrong, I think venue co-ordinators do a fantastic job, they know everything there is to know about their venue and can recommend the suppliers they regularly work with. What they don’t do is provide a personal, bespoke service that is specifically tailored to you.


My heart sinks when a couple tell me they don’t need a wedding planner because they have one at the venue. What these couples don’t realise is that although there will be someone from the venue co-ordinating their day – they are most definitely NOT a wedding planner. It may not even be the person they have spent so long talking through the plans with. When I worked at a venue, my role was Monday to Friday 9am-5pm which meant I was very rarely there on the wedding day. An important question you should ask your venue co-ordinator is if they will be there on your day. If they won’t be there, ask to meet the person who will be! A wedding planner will be with you throughout the entire day from the moment you put on your dress, usually until your first dance but often later. A wedding planner will liaise with all of the suppliers involved in the wedding meaning you can relax and enjoy the day. If anything does come up, you only need to speak to your wedding planner and they will deal with it for you.

Simply put, a venue co-ordinator works for the venue, a wedding planner works for YOU!

Caroline Gould - 21 March 2014 Blog




I very carefully got measured as I initially decided to order my dress to my individual size but there was no need to do this (and pay extra!) as my sizes were EXACTLY as the VBridal size chart - size 6 (UK size 10).  I eagerly waited for my dress to arrive as I had checked all the previous reviews and everyone seemed to be pleased.  But, this dress arrived very poorly made and although the waist and hip measurements were perfect, the bust measurements were a whole 5cm (2 inches) too small!.  I had lots of photographs taken and emailed VBridal with my concerns but they were adamant that the dress was made 'especially' to size and basically said that it was my fault and should have asked for (and paid) for a 'bespoke' order.  They offered me a choice of 2 options to 'rectify' the problem: 1: pay for the dress to be remade with a small discount in price, or 2: a small 10% refund to 'pay' for alterations by a seamstress here in the UK!  Both offers were ridiculous and there has been many emails between us, but they have not resolved the matter to my satisfaction.  I am stuck with a dress which doesn't fit - and not by just a little - but it doesn't even meet at the back with a 2inc (5cm) gap!!  The dress was supposed to have extra fabric (0.5 - 1 inch) to allow for any small alterations, but I have had the dress checked and there is, unsurprisingly, NO extra fabric at all! A seamstress would not be able to make this dress fit me, and they would not be able to source this particular lace fabric pattern either so it is a huge disaster.  VBridal have refunded a small amount already to my account - even before any solution was agreed! AGAIN, TAKE NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you have plenty of money to waste!

Another great review..
Awww!  A really lovely 'Thank You'and 'Testimonial' for The Chic Wedding Company​ from one of our recent couples.  Take a look, so nice. Feeling proud!...xx

Proud lady alert!!

How amazing!  I'm amazed at these lovely comments from one of our recent couples where we at The Chic Wedding Company helped make their wedding day special!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys Mr and Mrs Stapleton!! xx


"We would highly recommend The Chic Wedding Company.  From start to finish, the service was excellent and professional.  Wendy was very knowledgeable and supportive in the months leading up to the wedding, and kept in regular contact.  Wendy and Ray's help in setting up  the Reception Venue and coordinating with our suppliers on the day was fantastic - we couldn't have done it without them.  ray was great as Master of Ceremonies and Wendy ensured everything ran smoothly for the entire day and evening.   Both we and our guests had an amazing, unforgettable day thanks to The Chic Wedding Company."


"Wendy and Ray went above and beyond our expectations.  From start to finish, the service was superb and very professional."

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