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Supplier sourcing and management

From favours to flowers, we've got it covered. Including the chairs!

A perfect package if you just don't know where to start or you live outside the area. We have a huge network of tried and trusted suppliers to choose from.

The process begins with an initial meeting with you to better understand your requirements. We source and vet suppliers doing all the legwork and advising which suppliers will help your wedding plans become reality. We shortlist an agreed number of suppliers for each aspect of your wedding and you can choose from these. We do all the negotiation with the suppliers on your behalf.

As we book lots of wedding suppliers we quite often enjoy preferential rates. All these savings are passed directly to you, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

We work closely with you and the suppliers, handling all the administration and form filling as well as attending any meetings. We make sure they deliver what we have agreed; from price to time to quality. If there are any problems we deal with them so you can focus on enjoying your wedding. We use a supplier payment programme which we regularly send to you. This means we can keep a track of how much your wedding costs and ensure your wedding stays on budget without any costly surprises.