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Marquee weddings
From canopies to big-tops. We can source the right marquee for you and your budget.

Marquee weddings are becoming increasingly popular from simple elegant canopies to vast big-tops to Arabian wonders.

However, they are more difficult to arrange than conventional venues. To start, there is the bewildering array of companies and marquee types. Then there is sourcing a suitable caterer, never mind disabled facilities, toilets, heating and innumerable other items.

We get lots of calls from brides (and their Mumís) who have started to organise a marquee wedding and have then come to the realisation that there is much more to it than they thought.

We work with many reputable marquee companies, so we know what to expect. As well as arranging everything, we meet with your suppliers, carrying out final checks with the caterers etc. On the day before your wedding, we are on-site when the marquee company arrives and don't let them leave until they have handed over to our satisfaction. We can arrange overnight security. We take care of the functionality such as lights, heating and electricity. We set up the marquee for you to your pre-agreed style and finally, help the caterers to set up.

We are there on the day so you can enjoy your wedding, knowing that all is being dealt with and everything is going to plan.†

We do everything, so you don't have to worry.